Frequently Asked Questions

How much mulch will fit in my truck?
On average, here is the yardage you can expect to fit in your truck:
-Pickup truck w/ 8ft bed - 3 yards
-Pickup truck w/ 6ft bed - 2 yards

Do we deliver?
Yes, we deliver to all of Holmes County, and portions of Wayne, Tuscarawas, and Coshocton Counties. For more information, call us at (330) 893-3676 for pricing.

How much mulch do I need for my landscaping project?
Please refer to the information below to make your calculation and determine the amount of mulch you'll need

To find the sq. ft. of the area you want to mulch, and determine how thick you want the mulch to be:

Area = 9ft x 30ft = 270sq. ft.
Then determine how thick you'd like the coverage to be. For example, if I want a 3" coverage on my 270sq. ft., I would divide 270 by the square footage listed below (108), which then shows I will need 2.5 yards.


1" thick covers 324 sq. ft.
 7" thick covers 46.17 sq. ft.
2" thick covers 162 sq. ft
 8" thick covers 40.5 sq. ft.
3" thick covers 108 sq. ft.
 9" thick covers 35.91 sq. ft.
4" thick covers 81 sq. ft.
 10" thick covers 32.4 sq. ft.
5" thick covers 64.8 sq. ft.
 11" thick covers 29.43 sq. ft.
6" thick covers 54 sq. ft.
 12" thick covers 27 sq. ft.